When accessing a webcast (live or on demand) you may be required to register prior to watching the presentation.  Here are some tips for completing the details.

1. If this is your first time visiting the webcast registration page you will need to enter your name and email address in the top section and click Register.

a. Webcast registration is separate from the event registration that you may have previously completed, so entering your email in the Already Registered section won't work if this is your first time to the webcast registration page.

b. Enter your email address in the Already Registered section if you either registered on this page prior to the live event, or if you want to re-watch the presentation.

c. Please note that you may be required to complete other details when you first register, including Location, Member Number, Passcode, etc.  Unless the field says Optional you must complete all fields to gain access.

2. If you have been given a passcode / password and it's saying that it's not valid ensure that you have entered it correctly.

a. If you are copying the passcode / password check that there's no space at the end. On occasion a space will automatically get copied from your email and the registration page will recognise the additional character and send the message that it's invalid.

b. If you are typing the passcode / password in ensure that you have typed it correctly.   They are case sensitive, so sometimes it's best to copy and paste rather than to type it in.  It's especially important to check whether it's an O (capital O) or a 0 (zero), an I (capital I) or l (lower case L).