To participate in a webcast please ensure that you meet the following requirements:


Operating System

Mediasite supports the playback of live and on demand video on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac
  • Linux
  • Google Android 4.4+
  • Apple iOS 8+



We generally recommend Google Chrome for playback, but all major modern browsers should work. In all cases, a browser that supports HTML5 video playback is required (this includes most modern browsers). Playback may work on browsers that do not support HTML5 video playback, however they must support loading plug-ins. In this instance either the Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight plug-in will be needed. The Mediasite Player will redirect you to install one of these plug-ins if it’s not detected on your computer.

If you have issues with video playback, please try updating your browser if possible, or try using a different browser.



A broadband internet connection is required.



Click here to test a live webcast.

Click here to test an on demand webcast.


If you still have issues, please visit